Thailand’s First Luxury Tented Camps

Thailand’s First Luxury Tented Camps


Elephant Hills – Elephant Park Thailand

Elephant Hills are Thailand’s first Luxury Tented Jungle Camps, combining the camp idea of African national parks with the Thai tropical forest environment. We offer 2-4 day nature soft adventure tours in and around the stunningly beautiful Khao Sok area.

The Elephant Camp comprises luxury tailor-made tents and has successfully been operated since over 10 years. The floating Rainforest Camp, one of the world’s only luxury floating tented camps, was opened in 2011 and is situated on the emerald green waters of Cheow Larn Lake.

Both camps are situated in the Khao Sok National Park in Southern Thailand, approximately two hours apart from each other, close to popular beach destinations like Phuket, Khao Lak, Krabi and even Koh Samui. To facilitate travels to Elephant Hills Luxury Tented Camps, all transfers to and from Elephant Hills are included in the tour packages. For further information on this, please read our Transfer Policy.

In addition to transfers, all Elephant Hills tours are fully inclusive of accommodation, activities, meals as well as the services of an English speaking, fully trained, TAT-licensed tour guide.

Due to ethical reasons we do not offer elephant riding at Elephant Hills. Instead, you will get to feed, wash and interact with Asia’s largest land animal during our unique, award-winning Elephant Experience.

When visiting Elephant Hills, please also consider participating in our Children’s Project. Hundreds of local school children will be absolutely delighted if you do.

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Choose an Adventure

Thailand Elephant Camp


2-day Jungle Safari

Families with children younger than 7 love our 2-day Jungle Safari: 1 nights at The Elephant Camp, including our unique ethical Elephant Experience. A really touching experience in an almost untouched environment.


3-day Jungle Safari


Families with children younger than 7 love our 3-day Jungle Safari: 2 nights at The Elephant Camp, including a full-day trip to marvelous Cheow Larn Lake – but usually it’s the ethical Elephant Experience the little ones never forget.


4-day Nature Safari

Our 4-day Nature Safari is a soft adventure, showcasing you the very best Southern Thailand has to offer: Explore a Jungle Lake, cruise through mangrove swamps – and of course meet our lovely elephant herd.



Why choose Elephant Hills?

Elephant Hills is the most responsible and sustainable Soft-Adventure Tour Operator in Southern Thailand. We do not only respect and value our elephants (hence there is no elephant riding at Elephant Hills!), but we also take excellent care of the environment, put great emphasis on recycling and resource-saving as well as cooperating closely with the local community by sourcing staff locally and improving education in the area with our Elephant Hills Children’s Project.

Besides this we pride ourselves on splendid value-for-money tours – many international awards and loads of fantastic press reviews prove the concept right. Come on and find out for yourself!

Elephant Hills is home to the well-known, respected elephants of Thailand. During our amazing elephant experience, you will have the opportunity to get a look in on their daily lives and interact with the endangered Asian elephants in unique way. This is your chance to get close with the adorable pachyderms, feel their thick skin and interact with them and their mahouts, the elephant caretakers. Chop, prepare and feed these special creatures one of their daily feeds, watch them play in our giant elephant bathe and use coconut fibers to polish muddy wrinkles back to a majestic grey afterwards. This elephant encounter is one-of-a-kind, an experience you will certainly not forget! Learn more here.

We can guarantee that our animal welfare is our top priority. Our elephants are treated with respect.

Elephant Hills has achieved a 100% rating for its animal welfare from Global Spirit –  Animals in Tourism auditing. We are the first worldwide animal attraction to reach a 100% rating within the two-week audit period. Learn more here. Learn more here.

“It isn’t easy to achieve 100% of minimum requirements, especially within the two week audit period. They are not only the first elephant camp to achieve this rating but the first worldwide animal attraction to reach 100% within the two week audit period. Global Spirit has been impressed with Elephant Hills engagement in the whole process and their ongoing commitment to continue making positive improvements.”

Hayley LynaghDirector - Global Spirit Animals in Tourism Ltd.

Check out our community and conservation projects and see how you can help

Local Projects

Children’s Project in Thailand

Childrens Project

Many of the rural schools in Thailand often lack equipment and funds, as well as modern teaching aids and therefore need our support to improve the quality of education. Click on the button below to see how you can help.

Elephant Conservation Project

Elephant Conservation Project

Elephant welfare has been a high priority for us from the start and whereas our elephants are well taken care of and happy, we want to do our part in helping other elephants in Thailand; both domestic and wild populations.

Wildlife Monitoring Project - NEW

Camera trap

Nature enthusiasts as we are, we were eager to find out which animals roam in the rainforest around us. Hence, we hid a couple of well-placed motion-triggered cameras deep in the jungle: The Camera Trap project was born.


We look forward to welcoming you to Elephant Hills and hope you have a wonderful experience with us here in Southern Thailand!


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