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Luxury Camping & Glamping

What is Glamping?

Glamping is Luxury Camping – a mix of the words “Glamorous” and “Camping” and was invented to describe a traditional nature camping experience combined with hotel-like luxuries, like proper beds, electricity, and possibly even hot showers within your tent.

The term “Glamping” was first used in 2005 in the United Kingdom, but the concept of Glamping reaches back as far as the 16th century, when e.g. the Ottomans transported luxurious tents throughout their military missions, or when the Scottish Duke of Atholl welcomed King Henry V and his mother to his estate in the Highlands.

These days, glamping has turned into a buzzword for travelers, as escaping onto a “campground” on a family vacation, with friends or your partner (and even for your honeymoon), while not being forced to sacrifice any comfort, is an experience many travelers want to indulge in.

The original holiday glamping became popular in Northern and Southern Africa around the 1920s when wealthy American and British travelers set out to explore new countries but weren’t willing to settle for the common local living standards – back then being very basic.

Glamping at Elephant Hills

Luckily, today Glamping is not just for the rich and famous anymore. Due to its popularity, thousands of Glamping (luxury camping) parks have opened around the world – with Elephant Hills being the very first Luxury Tented Camp in Thailand. As we built our first luxury tents at the beginning of this century, the term Glamping had yet to be coined. However, we knew that combining the camp concept of African-style safari tents with the unique environment of Khao Sok national park and its lush, evergreen tropical rain forest would be an idea to delight many a traveler from all over the world and in any age group.

The thought of lying in a proper, super comfortable bed at night, surrounded by one of the world’s oldest rain forests in your own luxury tent, lulled to sleep by the sounds of the jungle – birds, amphibians, and a myriad of insects – is tempting enough for many to organize an entire Thailand round-trip around this unique adventure. And it is not just the anticipation that will get you excited – the experience itself usually by far exceeds any expectation. But don’t just take our word for it – take a look at how journalists from all over the globe perceived their Glamping in Khao Sok national park:


What our guests say…

But of course, there are many more people raving about their overnight luxury camping experience so close to nature. Take a look at our news section for the latest findings from across the world wide web. Or trust former guests who have shared their impressions of our elephant sanctuary on TripAdvisor, such as:

Elephant Hills tent Interior

Luxury Camping Reviews…

Words cannot describe how amazing this luxury camping experience was! You get to wash the elephants, hand feed them, canoe down through stunning scenery. While staying in these luxury tents in the National Park. Just awesome and highly recommend it.” CHCTravelAgent, New Zealand

Beautiful scenery. Comfortable tents. Fun activities. Great staff. If you are looking for something a bit different I would totally recommend.” Claire_M-Warne, Norway

What an amazing authentic experience. we did 3 days and 2 nights. Our first night we stayed in the tented camp in the forest and then the 2nd night we stayed in the floating tent and that was just amazing. Talk about glam camping!” LiaEstima, USA

It is an excellent luxury camping experience, would definitely recommend! Felt close to nature and at the same time was comfortable.” B_Mish_85, Australia

“Luxury Camping Tents – big and spacious with ensuite and everything that you need. There’s even free wifi in the tents. It is definitely glamping and not camping!” Galadriel_Finch, UK

About our Luxury Tents

Elephant Hills comprises two Luxury Tented Camps: The Elephant Camp and Rainforest Camp. While the setting and the activities on the schedule of both are entirely different (hence we created the Jungle Lake Safari for you, a tour package combining both nature park camps into one unique soft-adventure), the standard of the tents of the luxury tents is equally high in both camps.

All tents are equipped with proper, comfortable beds, wooden floors, electricity as well as an en-suite bathroom. (Note: Electricity at Rainforest Camp might be limited at times since the camp is powered by solar and wind energy.) At either location all that separates you from the superb nature around you are mosquito nets, which ensure the entire tent is bug and insect-proof – but all the fascinating sounds from your fascinating surroundings will sing you to sleep (yes, we mean you, Asian toads & cicadas) as well as wake you up in the morning (listen out for those tantalizing whooping gibbon calls).

Bathrooms are en-suite and come with all amenities you might expect from a normal hotel room: Hot and cold water shower, western-style toilets, Elephant Hills shampoo collection, and, at The Elephant Camp, they even include a hairdryer for you. Yes, you will certainly not be roughing it during your stay in Khao Sok. This is luxury camping at its finest!

All furniture is crafted by our own, skilled craftsmen at our elephant nature park, and often all the small little details earn much praise from our valued guests. Have you seen a light switch in the shape of an elephant before?

Our luxury tents are all of the same size and standard. The only thing you might want to think about is the bed configuration – most likely depending on who you are traveling with. But don’t worry, we have the perfect solutions for honeymooners and couples, single travelers, friends staying together, or even for a whole family on tour. Take a look at the possible bed configurations below, then choose the perfect tour package for you, book a plane ticket – and off you go! What are you waiting for?

Luxury Camping - Glamping in Khao Sok 1
Luxurious bathroom with hot and cold shower and westernstyle toilet

Luxury Camping Tent Choices

All our Luxury Tents are of the same standard at our elephant sanctuary: Luxury, African-style Safari tents with wooden floors, comfortable beds, and en-suite bathrooms as well as, of course, electricity, to power the reading lights and the fan. The only choice to make is to choose between the different possible tent set ups. We can offer the following:

Single / Double Tent

This is the standard room configuration with one big, king sized bed. It is the ideal configuration for either single travelers (you’ll have the whole tent for yourself) or couples.

Twin Tent

Twin tents come with two separate beds, making them the ideal luxury camping choice for two friends on tour.

Triple Tent

Add a roll-in bed to a twin tent, and you have the perfect solution for three persons (can be three adults) who prefer not to share one bed with one another.

Family Tent

When traveling as a family of four, we suggest having a kid share a king bed with the parents. The second child sleeps in a roll-in bed, hence the whole family can be accommodated in one single luxury tent, and the children can profit from our amazing kids discounts.

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Get An Extra Night For FREE!

Book 4 days Nature Safari tour for the price of a 3 day tour!

Booking period: Until 29 Feb 2024
Travel period: Anytime