When to Visit

When to visit Elephant Hills nature park

As Southern Thailand’s coast lines are rather monsoonal areas, we often get asked if we are open in September, or if April is a good time to visit Khao Sok national park. The answers are: Yes, and yes.

It rains in the rain forest

Elephant Hills is located in Khao Sok’s stunningly beautiful rain forest, one of the wettest areas in all of Thailand. We receive about 3,500 mm of rain per year, the main reason why the rain forest remains lush and green all year round. It can rain any day of the year, which is why we have adapted our nature park tours to the possibility of rain fall, and hence run all our tours all year round.

We love rain!

The beauty is: Rain in Khao Sok national park is nothing to be scared about! On the contrary: It much rather adds to the atmosphere of experiencing the rain forest from its most authentic side. Imagine you are lying in a luxury tent, with heavy rain drops gently petting the canvas, while listening to the sounds of nature or immersing yourself into a good book.  How cool would that be?


The reason why many people seem to prefer sunshine over rain is simply that rain is often associated with “cold”. However, this does not always hold true. Do you remember those days when dancing outside in a warm summer’s rain? Was there anything negative about it? No, there wasn’t. (Except for mom complaining that you turned the whole house into a mud puddle afterwards…) It is a highly enjoyable experience, and if we only allowed ourselves to be children again more often, all our lives would be a lot happier.

What now?

So, come on then. Book a plane ticket along with your favorite Elephant Hills tour and come visit us as soon as you can! It will be an amazing blast, and certainly an experience you will not forget too soon!

And then?

The only thing you might want to think about beforehand is what happens after your amazing Elephant Hills Experience. We sure understand that beach holidays are more enjoyable when the sun shines, so we recommend traveling on to the West Coast in winter (November to May) and to the East Coast in summer (June to October). As surely you know: All transfers are included in our tour packages already! Isn’t that alone a reason for a little jig?

A word on intimacy

As Elephant Hills is quite popular with families, the few tents we offer tend to sell out very quickly during school holiday times. Hence, in case you are not bound to school holidays, we always recommend trying to travel outside of those weeks – groups will be smaller, your experience will be even more intimate, and you often have the chance of striking some surprisingly good deals.

Alright. Now it’s time for the big jig. And then don’t forget to book your tour over all this excitement!

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