Elephant Hills Corporate Responsibility Projects

Learn more about our community and conservation projects and see how you can help

Children’s Project

Our company objective at Elephant Hills has always been to work closely with the local community, and over the years we have done our best to focus our help towards improving children’s education in the rural areas. We are a tourism business, but we hope that the revenue from operating nature tours and funds donated by our guests and partners can make a difference in the lives of the less privileged children. As we are based in one of the world’s most magnificent rainforest areas, our aim is also to help the local children to learn about the importance of conservation of nature and environment. If you are planning for visiting us at Elephant Hills, be sure to check out our “pack with a purpose” list, participating doesn’t get any easier than this!

Elephant Conservation Project

The elephants at Elephant Hills are happy and content, with their days consisting of free roaming, eating, scratching, socializing and immersing themselves in the cooling pond or a mud pit. Unfortunately, not all elephants in Thailand are as lucky as ours, hence we started our Elephant Conservation Project over ten years ago. Within this project we try to help improving the welfare of domestic elephants by supporting government run elephant hospitals. We also contribute to wild elephant conservation by helping the Wildlife Sanctuaries and National Parks to prevent human-elephant conflicts.

Wildlife Monitoring Project

Our resorts, both in the mainland Khao Sok and floating on the spectacular Cheow Larn Lake are located in one of the world’s oldest rainforests. The breath-takingly beautiful and lush forests of Khao Sok National Park are home to numerous species of flora and fauna. Our Wildlife Monitoring Project began in 2011, shortly after we opened our Rainforest Camp. Sometimes you don’t have to go far from our floating camp to spot amazing wildlife, such as Malayan Sun Bears. However, we were curious to see what kind of wildlife roam deeper in the jungle, so we placed motion triggered camera traps in more remote areas, frequented by wildlife.




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