Booking promotion trees – and more – planted!


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Booking promotion trees – and more – planted!

Booking promotion trees – and more – planted! 1

For every booking made throughout April and May 2019, we promised to plant one tree. Moreover, we also wanted to continue to offset emissions of our 2018 marketing flights, as we did for 2017. As a result of this latest booking promotion and CO2 offsetting project, we have now planted another 3,500 new trees!

Booking promotion trees – and more – planted! 2

Our co-operation with Kaeng Krung National Park

We were happy to return to Kaeng Krung National Park for the tree-planting project. This beautiful, slightly less known national park is located about 70km North-East from Cheow Larn Lake. Some of the Kaeng Krung’s southernmost forests are connected with Khao Sok National Park. Hence, wild elephants and other wildlife occasionally roam between the two protected areas.

Booking promotion trees – and more – planted! 3

It was great to be able to work with the same dedicated team as last time. The head of the national park and his rangers had invited a lot of volunteers and local people to join us for the planting work.

Understandably, the local farmers are keen to help with efforts reducing possible conflict situations with wild elephants. With everyone’s amazing input, we were able to plant all 3,500 trees in one day.

Boosting wild elephants’ food supply

Booking promotion trees – and more – planted! 4

This tree-planting project in Kaeng Krung doesn’t only help with carbon offsetting. Another wonderful purpose is to provide food for the increasing wild elephant population.

Luckily, the human-elephant conflict is not as intense here as in many other areas in Thailand. However, there are quite a few plantations in the proximity of the national park, and the wild elephants are starting to wander out from the forest to seek food.

The goal is that in the long run these trees would support the wild elephants’ food supply, making it unnecessary for them to leave the forest.

Our sincere thanks to everyone who took part in this promotion!

Booking promotion trees – and more – planted! 5

Ps. Even if you didn’t place your booking during April & May, not to worry. Every guest visiting Elephant Hills is contributing to our conservation and community projects, as these are mostly funded with our company revenue.


Sources used for calculating amount of CO2 produced and number of trees required to offset: International Civil Aviation Organization’s carbon calculator & United Nations Environment Programme.

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