Learning about the situation of wild elephants in Thailand

Elephant Hills Corporate Responsibility Projects

Our team working with Elephant Hills Elephant Conservation Project recently took to the road and visited five National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries in Thailand to discuss about the human-elephant conflict and ways to solve it. We drove through the country to reach the areas with most cases of human-elephant conflicts, in order to learn more and see how we can help.

Khao Yai National Park

Overall, we found out that the issues occurring when wild elephants get out from the forests vary a lot between the locations, and so do the methods of solving them. Also the reasons behind the conflicts alter; is it the lack of food, salt and minerals, water or overall living space that drives the wild elephants out of the forests?

One thing common for all places we visited is the increase in the number of wild elephants. While this is amazing news, it evidently also means an increase in conflict situations as the rainforests are not getting any bigger. In some areas, there is little capacity left for the growing populations. National Parks, Wildlife Sanctuaries and people living close to the protected forest areas are left with a massive challenge to find a solution that suits all parties, of whom one happens to be the biggest land animal in Asia.

Rice, dried and canned food was donated to help the hard-working rangers in each location

Within our Elephant Conservation Project, we support Thai elephants, both wild and captive populations. Read more on some of the latest activities and please contact us if you or your company would like to join our efforts improving the welfare and conservation of these magnificent animals.

Viewing locations of wild elephant sightings in Kaeng Krachan National Park

Stay tuned for our reports on each interesting location!


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