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Dear wildlife lovers,

Recently, while traveling to our Rainforest Camp at Cheow Larn Lake by long-tailed boat, some of our guests and our Production Team were lucky and could capture one of those rare moments. Right behind our floating camp they spotted a Malayan sun bear (Helarctos malayanus), an on the IUCN Red List as “Vulnerable” classified species which can only be found in Southeast Asia.

Look, right there!


Sun bears take their name from the bib-shaped patch on their chests, which legend says represents the rising sun. Ironically, they are nocturnal animals and can be observed making sleeping platforms high above the ground out of branches and leaves. Being the smallest animal of the bear family, only about half the size of an American black bear, allows them to climb trees and move around high above the ground with ease.


Cute, isn’t it? But be aware…The skillful climbers, aided by long sickle-shaped claws on all four feet — up to six inches —, can be very dangerous. But no worries, being at a safe distance (in a boat), our guests and production team had the opportunity to enjoy the scene without hassle. And guess what? They got double lucky! There was a second sun bear hiding in the trees a bit further to the right. Can you spot it?


The whole Elephant Hills team and our guests are absolutely delighted that rare animal species like the Malayan Sun Bear still have a safe home in the Khao Sok National Park. Of course we will keep monitoring the wildlife in and around the National Park, and report any further such sensational sightings as this one.


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