Thailand Green Excellence Awards 2017


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Originally launched in 2007, between the Thai Tourism Board London and Wanderlust magazine, the Thai Green Excellence Awards focus on sustainable tourism development, promoting the environment and contributing to social and cultural improvement.

After being awarded for our animal welfare, 2014,2015, 2016- we are very proud to say that both of our Camps were awarded this time!

At the 11th Thailand Green Excellence Award ceremony at WorldTravel Market 2017 in London, her Royal Highness Princess Ubolratana gave away prices for six unique Thai tourism products and attractions.

And we were the only ones, who were awarded twice …

Thailand Green Excellence Awards 2017 2

The Elephant Camp: Animal Welfare is still- and will always be the biggest aim of Elephant Hills.

Located in Khao Sok Nationalpark, part of Southern Thailand’s largest stretch of primary rainforest, we focus on creating and maintaining the well-being of elephants and mahouts.

A close and personal interaction with our elephants helps the visitors to see, that there are ethical ways to experience these magnificent creatures, which have a longstanding history in Thai culture.

Thailand Green Excellence Awards 2017 3

Furthermore, we also won the Eco Lodge award for our Rainforest Camp this year!

Opened in January 2011, our Rainforest Camp is the little sister of the Elephant Camp.

Surrounded by pristine jungle in Khao Sok National Park, it is situated in the heart of Thailand’s most spectacular artificial lake, the Cheow Lan Lake.

Offering 20 luxury safari tents, our Rainforest Camp is designed in a very responsible and sustainable way- we use solar & wind energy to create electricity and we have a unique waste management system to avoid polluting our jungle.

Judges’ comments: “Still leading the way in ethical elephant practises, not just in Thailand but worldwide. In the past year, Elephant Hills has become Thailand’s only elephant camp which is completely chain-free.”


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