Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools

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As in many other aspects in life, consistency is the key also when trying to make a positive change in the lives of rural Thai children. Over the past couple of years, we have been helping Thai children not only in Khao Sok area close to our camps, but also in the mountainous Northern Province of Mae Hong Son.

We have a close connection to this rural area through our employees. All of our mahouts (elephant handlers) are originally from there. Here are three schools that we feel can truly benefit of co-operation with our Children’s Project. Hence, we keep visiting them again and again.

Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools 1

Baan Pa Mor Lor

We first introduced Baan Pa Mor Lor to you last year, when we visited this lovely small school for the first time. Back then we delivered plenty of stationery, toys and children’s books donated by our guests visiting Elephant Hills. We also donated food supplies and vegetable seeds. The teachers and kids were excited to have us visit for the second time. Moreover, they really appreciated that we came back to support them again.

Now that we had established a connection with the teachers, we were able to bring more specific donations based on their current needs. Baan Pa Mor Lor is a primary school with 30 students, all of whom are part of the Karen hill tribe. Many come from poor conditions, where some families are struggling with expenses of school supplies, such as notebooks and basic stationery. Therefore, our donation mainly consisted of notebooks, rulers and erasers.

Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools 6

To encourage the children to take care of their teeth by brushing them each day after lunch, the teachers had also requested for kids’ cups. In addition, we brought several kinds of activity book sets, simple craft sets and coloring books and crayons to brighten the children’s days.

Baan Mae Tob Tai

We are glad to have been able to form a good, long-term co-operation with Baan Mae Tob Tai School, located in a village just north of Mae Sariang town. This is the very first school we visited in the Northern province of Mae Hong Son a couple of years ago and have been returning ever since. We have donated gardening equipment, playground equipment and pigs, items to improve their dormitory facilities and plenty of stationery and books.

Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools 7

Ahead of our latest visit, we received news that due to recent heavy rains, there had been flooding in the school’s dormitory building. Majority of the mattresses and pillows had been damaged by muddy water that had flown in, covering the floor. The school was in urgent need of new bedding for the children staying on the ground floor.

The teachers were relieved to hear that Elephant Hills Children’s Project will donate brand new mattresses and pillows for all children staying at the dormitory. We received a warm welcome when arriving to the school for our fourth visit. The kids were happy to see that we also brought some vegetable seeds, and were eager to plant them in their garden behind the school building.

Baan Mae Tob Nuea

Baan Mae Tob Nuea is a sister school of Baan Mae Tob Tai, located further north in the next village. This school is slightly bigger, with 77 students. We have made two donations here earlier. On the first time we donated sports equipment and various kinds of stationery, and on the second time we surprised the children with playground equipment, paints, tooth brushes and tooth paste. It’s always such a pleasure to visit this school and we were greeted by a group of polite students and teachers.

Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools 12

This time, the school was lacking the basic stationery, such as erasers, rulers and notebooks. They were also starting to run out of tooth brushes and toothpaste since our previous visit, so we brought plenty. Basic English books, activity and coloring books and stationery, donated by our guests were also greatly appreciated.

Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools 13

Many of our visitors from all over the world take time to read our “Pack with a purpose” list before their trip to Thailand. Based on our regular communication with the teachers from rural schools, we have gathered a list of most commonly needed items. All of these items are widely available, easy to bring to Elephant Hills with your luggage. Many can be second hand too!

Elephant Hills Children’s Project makes sure that all the donations, big and small, will be delivered to the less privileged Thai children living in the rural areas. For more information, please contact our team on

Much needed stationery and equipment delivered to northern schools 14

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