Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea


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Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea

Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea 1

Many of our elephants and their handlers originally come from the Northern Province of Mae Hong Son, and especially from a small rural town called Mae Sariang, not far from the Thai-Myanmar border. As we have a close connection to this area through our employees, we also try to help the rural schools situated in the nearby villages in this mountainous area.

Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea 2

As our latest Children’s Project activity, we loaded a couple of vehicles with gardening equipment, stationery and sports equipment, and headed towards the Mae Sariang Town in Mae Hong Son Province. Departing from Chiang Mai, the journey took about four hours, during which we saw some breath-taking mountain views, with the endless rice fields passing by.

In this series we will introduce three rural schools in this beautiful but remote area, and show how the generous donations received by Elephant Hills Children’s Project can benefit the less privileged Thai children.


Introducing Baan Mae Tob Nuea School

Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea 3

Baan Mae Tob Nuea School is located just 15 minutes’ drive from Baan Mae Tob Tai School. The names of these two schools are very similar, and only differ by the last word. In Thai, the word “tai” means south, whereas “nuea” means north, so these schools are located in southern and northern Mae Tob villages. There are altogether 77 students attending this school, taken care of by 8 teachers. This school has an especially large kindergarten group consisting of 30 children, and 47 students attend primary education, from 1st until 6th grade.

Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea 4

Upon our Children’s Project team’s arrival, the kindergarten students were eagerly peering out from the classroom and all the children quickly gathered around to see what we had brought for them. The students’ faces immediately brightened up after being handed out new pencils, erasers, pen sharpeners, coloring pencils, notebooks and other stationery.

Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea 5

One of the teachers took us to see the school’s playground area, which was in poor condition with most of the equipment broken and rusty. Our plan in the future is to provide the school with good playground equipment. The school is also lacking warm clothes for winter season, toothbrushes and paste, school uniforms for kindergarten students and paint for the school buildings.

Supporting the Northern Schools: Baan Mae Tob Nuea 6

The funds for the stationery and sports equipment have been donated by our generous guests visiting us at Elephant Hills. We are currently looking for partners to help us to support this and other schools in need. If you or your company would be interested, please contact us at [email protected].


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