Back in Tob Tai School with two pigs and much more!


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Elephants, rainforests, lakes and nature adventures, what could be more fun?

We previously visited the lovely Baan Mae Tob Tai School in Mae Hong Son last summer, and donated a great set of gardening equipment, as well as stationery and sports equipment. Back then, we had a proper chat with the teachers to get an understanding on what kind of equipment or supplies the school is mostly lacking. They were very grateful for the gardening equipment, and explained that they would gladly extend their small animal husbandry project with two new individuals. Furthermore, they were lacking food supplies such as dried and canned food, wall fans for the kids’ dormitory and some of the equipment at the playground were also getting rusty and worn out.

You should have seen the bright smiles on the pupils’ and teachers’ faces when they saw what we had brought for them on our second visit! With funds donated to Elephant Hills Children’s Project, we were able to buy two wall fans, a selection of food supplies and we of course gathered and brought some of the stationery and children’s books donated by our guests. In addition, on company’s behalf we donated two pigs and some nice addition to their playground. Elephant Hills also supports this school by regular monthly donations of 45kg of rice.

The young students couldn’t hold back much longer, and wanted to help us to unload the playground equipment and naturally – test them as soon as possible. The overjoyed teachers wanted to show us the students’ gardening project, and how they have been using the seeds and tools donated last time. The two pigs also got to settle into their new home in a pen at the school’s backyard. We are proud and happy to see this little school truly benefiting of the Children’s Project and our guests’ generous donations!

Baan Mae Tob Tai School is currently lacking school uniforms, food supplies, mattresses, blankets and pillows as well as more permanent wooden bunk beds for their dormitory. We are currently looking for companies to co-operate with our Children’s Project through corporate sponsorship. Would you like to help us to support the education of some of the less fortunate Thai children? Please contact us at [email protected], we are happy to provide more information and discuss the options.




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