Catfish fingerlings, food supplies to Baan Sob Harn School


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Students getting ready for lunch near the school canteen

Continuous support

Impressed by the students’ wonderful gardening project, we first introduced Baan Sob Harn School to you last year. After our first visit at this small school close to Mae Sariang town, we have kept going back regularly. We believe that continuous support makes a big difference in rural schools. In other words, being in touch with the teachers regularly, allows us to direct our help to more specific needs. For instance, on our previous visit we donated school shoes based on the size list we had received earlier from one of the teachers.

Plenty of stationery, tooth brushes and educational toys and games donated by our guests from all over the world

This time, we concentrated mainly on the students’ food supply. This latest donation consisted of 100 catfish fingerlings and fish food, canned and dried food and sauces for the school’s kitchen, as well as a few more pairs of shoes and stationery. The useful stationery equipment were donated by our guests based on our “Pack with a purpose” list. Naturally, the colorful pencils, erasers, pencil sharpeners and other items completely stole the attention of the young students!

Students, teachers and Elephant Hills team at the memorable donation event

Gardening and animal husbandry project

The resourceful teachers and students at Baan Sob Harn are growing their own vegetables, but they also have a large fishpond. Unfortunately, for quite some time they haven’t had the budget to buy more fish fingerlings. Therefore, we happily agreed to help them with this project. Fish farming helps out with boosting the students’ daily meals. Furthermore, just like with the gardening project, any possible excess can be sold at the local market, to create income for the students and the school.

One of the students releases 100 catfish fingerlings

The kids lead us out of the school building, and further down the stairs to the fishpond. You could see the excitement in their eyes when we were about to release 100 catfish fingerlings in the pond! Soon everyone was cheering as the small catfish emerged from the bag and quickly spread out, disappearing in the pond.

All students were given stationery and sweets donated by our guests

We wish Baan Sob Harn School the best of luck with their gardening and animal husbandry project! Elephant Hills Children’s Project will of course continue to support their amazing efforts. If you or your company would like to co-operate with Elephant Hills Children’s Project, please contact us for more information at [email protected].


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