10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok


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Less privileged Khao Sok students receive 10 bicycles and much-needed stationery from Travel Counsellors10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 1Travel Counsellors visit Khao Sok

Recently we had the utmost pleasure to welcome our wonderful partner Travel Counsellors’ team to Khao Sok. The lovely team consisted of over 50 energetic individuals ready to embark on a special Elephant Hills adventure at one of the world’s oldest rainforests. The joyful group of travel professionals visited both of our camps at mainland Khao Sok and Cheow Larn Lake.

10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 2

Before their journey to Thailand, they had thoroughly checked our “Pack with a purpose” list and gathered a generous amount of much-needed donations. This is a simple way for all our guests to participate in helping the rural Thai children, both new and secondhand items are accepted. Travel Counsellors’ Donations consisted of various kinds of stationery, books, and educational toys along with toothbrushes and toothpaste.

10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 3

Helping children whilst supporting a small local business

During the group’s visit to our Lake Camp, a floating tented camp on the magnificent Cheow Larn Lake, our transfer vehicle passed a local bicycle shop. Christian, a member of Travel Counsellors’ team and a cycling enthusiast saw the shop and got a marvelous idea to donate bicycles to some of the less fortunate children at a local school in Khao Sok. After his return home, we continued discussions with Christian and our Children’s Project started facilitating the donation.

Within our Children’s Project we always aim to support the local community and small businesses, and even in some of the most remote areas try to purchase the supplies and equipment we donate as close to the school as possible. Hence, we were thrilled to hear that Christian shared our values and specifically wanted to acquire the bicycles from a local shop here in Khao Sok.

10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 4

We were pleased to deliver the bicycles along with a great selection of essential stationery to Wat Tham Wararam School which is located in Khao Sok, not too far from our elephant camp. To ensure that everyone had an equal chance of getting a bicycle, we asked the teachers to arrange a lucky draw for the kindergarten and primary school grades. The whole event was fun and exciting for all the pupils and teachers, and truly something special for these rural children.

“Kids need to Cycle! It’s so much fun and all children should cycle it keeps them fit, healthy and out of trouble! I saw these bicycles and thought why not provide my Thai friends the chance to enjoy cycling just like I do. It’s a great pleasure to be able to provide such smiles, hopefully one day I can re visit and get a nice hug from them all!”  @christian_mascarenhas_travel

10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 5

10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 6

Ten lucky students received brand new bicycles, and they were overjoyed, at first admiring them and soon hurrying to try them out. Having donated a lot of sports equipment to local schools within our Children’s Project, it’s always heartwarming to see the joyous energy of the children in the midst of physical activities, whether bicycling, playing volleyball, or having a laugh with friends at a new playground.

Stationery and art supplies will keep benefiting the students at Wat Tham Wararam School for a long time. These will be used jointly in a class or handed over to students by the teachers for suitable grades. The colorful and good quality supplies will greatly help the teachers in providing versatile, interesting and improved education.

10 Bicycles donated to less privileged children in Khao Sok 7

We at Elephant Hills and all the children and teachers at Wat Tham Wararam School would like to express our sincere thanks to Christian and the whole Travel Counsellors team for your incredible support!

If you or your company would like to co-operate with Elephant Hills Children’s Project, please contact us for more information at [email protected].

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