Wat Tham Wararam School’s gardening project is finally happening!


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We are excited to share news of a wonderful project that was made possible by our long-term partner Inspired by Asia. Elephant Hills Children’s Project was pleased to facilitate a donation consisting of great selection of gardening equipment at Wat Tham Wararam School in Khao Sok. Inspired by Asia kindly donated funds for the much-needed gardening equipment and vegetable seeds.

Wat Tham Wararam School, located close to our elephant camp, has the highest number of students in Khao Sok area. There are currently 314 students attending on both primary and secondary levels. This is also one of the schools that play an important part in our memorable evening program, with students performing traditional Thai dancing at our tented camp. We have been supporting Wat Tham Wararam School for several years and were especially happy to be part of this latest project.

Many rural schools in Thailand are eager to start their own gardening project, as encouraged by the beloved, late King of Thailand. The sad reality is that despite all the will and resourcefulness, in many cases the schools don’t have sufficient funds to undertake such a project. This is also what had kept Wat Tham Wararam School from becoming more self-sustainable and teaching the students how to grow their own vegetables. You can only imagine how thrilled they were to receive all the equipment and seeds!

The teachers and students were admiring the donated items and couldn’t wait to put their gardening plans into action. They showed us an area behind one of the school buildings, where they had already started to prepare a patch for planting the seeds. We were cordially invited to come back in a few months’ time to take a look at their progress.

Thank you, Inspired by Asia for joining hands with Elephant Hills Children’s Project!

Would you like to help to improve the lives of the rural Thai children? We are actively looking for individuals, travel agencies and other companies to co-operate with our Children’s Project through corporate sponsorship. We have established several very successful co-operations all across the globe, which are much appreciated by the schools, agents, operators and us at Elephant Hills. For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at [email protected].


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