Vet Students Dive into Elephant Wellness at Elephant Hills


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Elephants, rainforests, lakes and nature adventures, what could be more fun?

Empowering Vet Students: Hands-On Elephant Health and Welfare Workshops at Elephant HillsVet Students Dive into Elephant Wellness at Elephant Hills 1

The students were introduced to the fascinating world of elephants, learning about their behaviour, characteristics, and how to identify their general appearances. This initial encounter laid the foundation for their journey ahead. The subsequent days witnessed these budding veterinarians actively engaging in hands-on learning sessions.

They observed and learned how to handle and restrain these magnificent creatures safely. The veterinary team led them through the elephants’ general examinations, highlighting the importance of proper care and well-being.

Vet Students Dive into Elephant Wellness at Elephant Hills 2

From pen and nutrition management to activities involving supplement balls and exploring the vast grass fields, the students were offered a holistic perspective on elephant care.

They discovered essential practices such as collecting samples and understanding basic sedation and anesthesia medicines tailored for the elephants’ well-being.

The camp further delved into significant aspects of elephant care, unraveling fluid therapy and medical treatment procedures as well as gaining insights into conditions like constipation, EEHV, and TB.

Vet Students Dive into Elephant Wellness at Elephant Hills 3


As the camp approached its end, a culmination of learnings and a vibrant Q&A session marked the conclusion.

This segment allowed the students to reflect on their immersive experiences and share insights, fostering a deeper appreciation for the gentle creatures they encountered.


Vet Students Dive into Elephant Wellness at Elephant Hills 4

We are immensely grateful to the enthusiastic vet students for their dedicated learning and boundless passion for elephant welfare.

Through this immersive program, Elephant Hills continues to nurture the next generation of conservation champions.

Vet Students Dive into Elephant Wellness at Elephant Hills 5


Our Elephant Conservation Project is actively looking for companies to partner up with in corporate sponsorship because together we can make a huge impact to the well-being of Thailand’s elephants. We can facilitate a donation to one of the elephant hospitals, help you to contribute to elephant research, or conduct a project to aid wild elephants in one of the local Wildlife Sanctuaries or National Parks.

If you or your company would be interested in joining hands with Elephant Hills Elephant Conservation Project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information at [email protected].

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