Powdered milk and other supplies for baby elephants at Krabi Hospital


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We are regularly in contact with the Southern Thailand’s only elephant hospital, located in Krabi province, a couple of hours’ drive south from Khao Sok. During our recent talks with the vets, we received news of three baby elephants being admitted at the same time. The hospital was struggling to find funds for milk powder, as all three babies were without their mothers.

In addition, two of the babies were bedridden due to a broken leg and a broken back, and needed their mattresses, paper sheets and cushions regularly changed and replaced. After sourcing the equipment as listed by the vets, our Elephant Conservation Project team headed south to Krabi to deliver the donation.

Upon arrival, the vets welcomed us and explained the situation of each of the four cases they were working on. As well as the three babies, there was also one grown up elephant being admitted, with Myasthenia Gravis – a disease that causes weakness in the skeletal muscles. The vets were very relieved to receive this much-needed support, and instantly took one of the powdered milk boxes and started feeding a calf that was bedridden with a broken leg.

The three babies might have a chance for recovery. One of them, diagnosed with a dangerous virus, indeed had its latest test results coming back negative, which was such a relief. Having this many difficult cases simultaneously, requires huge efforts from the vets, who are tirelessly working on saving elephant lives. Later on we had a wonderful opportunity to meet and catch up with some of the vets from Lampang Elephant Hospital in the Northern Thailand. They had recently arrived at the Southern Hospital for meetings and to assist with treatment.

The donations received to our Elephant Conservation Project from our guests visiting our camps, enable us to react to sudden needs and urgent cases such as this one. On behalf of the Krabi Elephant Hospital staff, we would like to thank all of our amazing visitors from all over the world!

Much help is still needed to provide continuous support to this and other government run elephant hospitals in Thailand. We are currently looking for partners to co-operate with our Elephant Conservation Project. Please contact us to learn more and discuss the options!


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