Caring for sick elephants at Lampang Elephant Hospital


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Medical supplies donated to Lampang Elephant Hospital

Caring for sick elephants at Lampang Elephant Hospital 1

Lampang Elephant Hospital operates at the Thai Elephant Conservation Center or National Elephant Institute, under Royal Patronage. It is the first and largest government run elephant hospital in Thailand, with some of Thailand’s most noticeable and challenging cases treated over the years. In some of the most demanding cases as many as 20-30 elephant vets from all around the country (including our vets at Elephant Hills and The Bush Camp) travel over to fight to save elephant lives.

Lampang Elephant Hospital donation

One recent case includes the famous Sak Surin, a tusker that was flown from Sri Lanka in a massive joint operation between several government bodies in July to receive treatment in Thailand. In addition to playing an important role in Sak Surin’s safe return and recovery, the vet team at Lampang also hosted the Sri Lankan veterinary team visiting the bull elephant. Exchanging information and methods of elephant husbandry and health care between the two countries were on top of the agenda during the visit. Currently Sak Surin has fully recovered and is forming a good bond with his new mahout.

Lampang Elephant Hospital cares for all elephants in Northern Thailand, and they are kept busy as the neighboring province Chiang Mai is the hot spot of elephant tourism with about 30 camps and sanctuaries. As the hospital with the most versatile facilities and equipment in the country, sometimes sick elephants are brought for treatment from other regions as well. With several elephants constantly being admitted to the hospital and with regular health checks conducted in the camps, the hospital uses large quantities of medical supplies.


Continuous support needed at Lampang Elephant Hospital

Our Elephant Conservation Project regularly supports the hospital, and this was our fifth donation. In the past we have helped with the admitted elephants’ food supply and sponsored a veterinary training event. Ahead of this donation our team consulted the veterinary team of the current situation at the hospital and found out that their stock of some medical supplies was running low. Our veterinarian together with her team selected a good assortment of wound disinfectants and dressings, eye wash solution, medicine to help with digestive issues, anti-inflammatory painkillers as well as dietary supplements such as calcium.

Medical supplies received by Lampang Elephant Hospital

The veterinary team at the hospital was extremely pleased and grateful for the donation that was made possible by the wonderful guests who visited Elephant Hills and donated funds to our Elephant Conservation Project. We had a chat to discuss the on-going cases at the hospital. As always, we also received excellent advice and consultation for some of the cases we are dealing with our own elephants.

The vets spoke very fondly of the earlier gathering of elephant vets we hosted at Elephant Hills in Khao Sok. They mentioned that the interactive and participatory workshop proved beneficial for the veterinarians and had a great positive effect on the elephant medicine in Thailand.

We are committed to maintaining this outstanding co-operation with Lampang Elephant Hospital and look forward to the exciting future projects together. If you would like to be part of helping the domestic and wild elephants in Thailand, please consider making a donation during your visit at Elephant Hills. Many thanks for everyone who have donated and also enabled this latest donation to help sick elephants!

Caring for sick elephants at Lampang Elephant Hospital 2

Our Elephant Conservation Project is also looking for companies to partner up with in corporate sponsorship because together we can make a huge impact to the wellbeing of Thailand’s elephants. We can facilitate a donation to one of the elephant hospitals or conduct a project to aid wild elephants in one of the local Wildlife Sanctuaries or National Parks.

If you or your company would be interested in joining hands with Elephant Hills Elephant Conservation Project, please don’t hesitate to contact us for further information at [email protected].

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