Essential medical supplies for Krabi Elephant Hospital


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Essential medical supplies for Krabi Elephant Hospital

Essential medical supplies for Krabi Elephant Hospital 1

In Thailand there are three government run elephant hospitals, of which the southernmost is located in Krabi province. This is the closest hospital to our elephant camp in Khao Sok and can be reached within three hours. To show our support for the hard-working team of veterinarians, we have made several donations within our Elephant Conservation Project over the years. Elephant Hills also contributed to the construction of the hospital back in 2010.

Donating essential medical supplies

During our previous visit, we met three baby elephants, two of which were bedridden. Consequently, there was an urgent need for supplies to ensure day to day care for these calves, as well as other cases. We recently made another donation to the hospital, and in addition to our usual team, we also had our two veterinary interns from Khon Kaen University joining the event. This was a great chance for them to learn about the more demanding cases and get to know the hospital staff.

Essential medical supplies for Krabi Elephant Hospital 2

One of the three babies had already been discharged, but the two bedridden calves still needed further treatment.  To help the hospital with the ongoing cases, our Elephant Conservation Project team brought basic medical supplies, such as saline, rubbing alcohol and a variety of vitamins, as requested by the vets. A large part of the donation consisted of a new airbed and disposable bed pads.

Essential medical supplies for Krabi Elephant Hospital 3

Helping Southern Thailand’s elephants

The vet team at the hospital was thrilled to receive the much-needed donations. They thanked us and all Elephant Hills’ guests for the continuous support. Most of the elephant camps in Southern Thailand rely on Krabi Elephant Hospital when it comes to the health care of their elephants. In urgent cases, or if an elephant can’t handle the journey to the hospital, the dedicated team of veterinarians heads out to the field with their mobile clinic. They also provide free annual health checks for the Southern Thailand’s domestic elephants.

Here at Elephant Hills, we have our own on-site veterinarian. In addition, we provide internship opportunities for veterinary students from Thai universities. Although our camp is well established in terms of elephant health care, it would be difficult for us to constantly keep improving our work without the help from Krabi Elephant Hospital and other elephant specialists we are lucky to be working with.

In order to continue supporting this and other government run elephant hospitals in Thailand, we are currently looking for individuals and companies to co-operate with our project. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss further details and options!


Sadly, not long after our visit we received the news that the smaller baby elephant had passed away. Despite the tireless efforts from the vets, unfortunately the baby just wasn’t strong enough to keep going.     



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