Delivering guests’ stationery donations


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Delivering guests’ stationery donations

Delivering guests’ stationery donations 1

Wat Tham Wararam School is the only school in Khao Sok that has children attending all the way from kindergarten to the 9th grade of lower secondary education. Among the 304 students, there are many who come from underprivileged backgrounds and need support to continue their studies. The 15 teachers are very caring and dedicated and do their best with the resources they have to motivate and help the students.

Wat Tham Wararam School, Khao Sok

At Elephant Hills we receive stationery, art supplies, basic children’s books, toys and other essential items through our Children’s Project. Our wonderful guests have brought these donations in their luggage all the way from their home countries, and now it was time to take them to the school. We always select the items based on the school’s needs and grades, after consulting the teachers.

Wat Tham

The colorful stationery, art supplies and educational toys donated to Wat Tham Wararam School are handed out to the less fortunate children or used in groups based on the item. This donation will also support the teachers’ work and help them to get the students exited of learning with interesting new material, such as basic English vocabulary cards.

Elephant Hills Children’s Project

Once divided into smaller groups by the teachers and being handed some of the donations, the children got very excited indeed. They immediately started playing games and coloring the books. Some were joyfully forming roses and other flowers from playdough.

Wat Tham Childrens Project

The teachers and students of Wat Tham Wararam School and the whole Elephant Hills team would like to express our sincere thanks to all the guests who are taking part in helping the rural Thai children!

Would you or your company like to join hands with Elephant Hills Children’s Project? We are currently looking for partners to brighten the days of some of the less fortunate Thai children through corporate sponsorship. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].


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