Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation


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Elephants, rainforests, lakes and nature adventures, what could be more fun?

Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation

Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation 1

Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation 2

National Thai Children’s Day

It’s time for yet another annual “Trees can talk” essay writing contest! Elephant Hills Children’s Project arranges this contest in three Khao Sok schools every year, ahead of the National Children’s Day. The Children’s Day is celebrated across the country on the second Saturday of January.

It’s a special day for Thai families and many dedicate the whole day to activities their children enjoy the most. Thai schools, being closed on Saturdays, commemorate the Children’s Day with joyful kids’ performances, games and lucky draws on the preceding Friday. This of course doubles the fun for the children!

Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation 3

The Children’s Day festivities at Baan Yaplong School, Wat Tham Wararam School and Baan Bangpru School are one of the highlights of the new year to our Children’s Project team. Not only do we get to join the hilarious celebrations, but also hand out the annual scholarships to support students’ education.

The idea of the project is to encourage the children to care for their environment. It also helps to inspire them to seek new ways of preserving the flora and fauna of their home – the unique Khao Sok rainforest area.

Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation 4

Nature Conservation Essays

Each year we receive a lot of essays from the three schools, and the selection process is not easy. This is why we select winners from several grades, and several skill levels. We do understand that not all students have equally brilliant and flawless writing skills. Therefore, we also pay attention to the effort some of the less talented students have clearly put into their pieces.

The scholarships are handed out to those students who are trying their best – within their skill level – to express what nature means to them and how they can better consider it in their everyday life.

Elephant Hills - Trees can talk essay writing contest 2019

Quotes by children

“Trees are very important because they create oxygen on our planet. Trees and plants can be used as herbal medicine and can make us feel better when we are feeling sick. Without trees and vast forests, people and animals would not have enough fresh air.”

Praeo Pensuk, 6th grade

“Wildlife and people can find shelter and shade under the trees. Trees are important because they can help to reduce global warming. I think that one big reason for global warming is that people cut down the forests. Without forests, in the future the people and animals might also suffer more from natural disasters.”

Wachiraya Nuankhao, 6th grade

“The forests can help to absorb rain water during the monsoon season. This is important because they can help to prevent flooding in Thailand. We can also use some plants for cooking, and they provide shelter for animals in the jungle.”

Rachadapon Wongsin, 4th grade

“Many people like to cut down the trees. Therefore, we have less and less trees in Thailand every day. If the trees could talk, they would say: “Please stop cutting trees immediately and for every tree that you cut, you should plant a new tree to replace it.””

Juthamas Thongsamlit, 5th grade


Trees can talk – Children’s view on nature conservation 5

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