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Trees can talk

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Trees can talk 2As a tourism business based in Khao Sok, it is our company objective to work with the local community. Based on past experience we feel trying to help children is a very good way to do this. We hope the revenue from operating nature tours and funds donated by our guests and partners can help the children to have a better future. As the children in Khao Sok are living in a very special area, surrounded by National Parks with abundance of amazing fauna and flora, we feel it’s important for the kids to learn about conservation of nature and the local environment for the next generations.

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Students who come to perform Thai dancing at Elephant Hills evening program took over the stage at Children’s Day event

It can be challenging to transform the mindset of older generations, who often had very little money and lived by hunting and poaching wild animals, but if the local children have appropriate resources for their education and are made aware of the importance of preserving the nature, it can have a great positive effect to this very unique area. In addition to various other activities, we run a project called “Trees Can Talk”, which is an annual essay writing contest that encourages the local students to think out of the box when it comes to respecting the nature in their everyday life.

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Announcing the winners of “Trees Can Talk” essay writing contest

Every year, on the national Children’s Day in Thailand, we reward the best essays on nature conservation in three schools located in Khao Sok. This year we received dozens of essays from children aged between 10 to 15 years, attending grades 4-6 on primary level and 1-3 on secondary level. We were amazed and impressed by the students’ thoughts and ideas on nature conservation. Many pointed out concrete ways of taking care of the forests and explained how they can make a difference by talking about these topics with their parents, relatives and friends.

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Handing out prizes for the students from three schools in Khao Sok area

This year we joined the joyful Children’s Day event arranged by the local district government office. The day was full of hilarious games, songs, dancing and lucky draw presents, among which were two brand new bicycles sponsored by Elephant Hills. During the event we announced the names of 27 winners and handed out the rewards consisting of funds to support the students’ education, donated by Elephant Hills. The students were seemingly proud and happy of their accomplishment, and this will certainly further increase their motivation with studies and preserving the wonderful nature surrounding them.

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The proud winners of “Trees Can Talk” essay writing contest

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Elephant Hills sponsored two bicycles for Children’s Day lucky draw

Would you like to join hands with Elephant Hills Children’s Project and help the rural children in Thailand? We are currently looking for individuals and companies to co-operate with our Children’s Project through corporate sponsorship. Contact us at [email protected] to discuss about our upcoming projects and how you can participate!


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