Spectacular wild cats of Khao Sok National Park

The past couple of trips to retrieve memory cards from the motion triggered camera traps placed deep in the jungle close to our Rainforest Camp brought us plenty of wonderful elephant footage, including both male and female herds. This time, however, we had left the camera traps to record for a slightly longer time, in the hopes of getting more footage of wild cats. The wild cats are very sensitive to new smells and can be rather cautious if they sense any signs of human presence, so we wanted to give it a bit more time.

We are currently experimenting with tailor-made, strong metal cases to protect the cameras from wild elephants. Unfortunately the front can’t be even partly covered as it might block the sensor, the light or the lens

Our Wildlife Monitoring Project team was lucky with the weather when we set out for the 7-hour trek to check all 7 camera traps located deep in the forest in Bang Chong channel. With clear skies and no rain in sight, we hopped on a boat at our Rainforest Camp at Cheow Larn Lake and chatted with the accompanying ranger about his recent sightings during patrol treks. Unlike last time, he was more at ease when it came to a probability of an encounter with wild elephants. It seemed that during the past couple of months most of the wild elephants had moved further away from the Bang Chong channel, which – as much as we love elephants – was a relief to hear.

In the forest we always t