Amazing wild elephant family captured on camera traps!


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Amazing wild elephant family captured on camera traps!

Amazing wild elephant family captured on camera traps! 1
Wild elephant footprints Elephant Hills Khao Sok

Wild elephant footprints

After returning from our latest trip to the jungle, we spent a good few days going through the footage recorded by our motion triggered camera traps. Spontaneous shrieks of joy could be heard from the direction of our Wildlife Monitoring Project team when spotting several rare and even endangered species amongst hours and hours of video material. As many as 21 species were identified by our team, including wild Asian Elephant, Elephas Maximus.

The elephants form herds of related females that are led by the oldest female, the ‘matriarch’. We were able to capture a beautiful family of eight, also consisting of a leader followed by other females. However, two calves are still so small that from this footage it’s challenging to determine the sex with 100% accuracy. We were especially thrilled to see the final clip where the family silently passes by our camera one by one, stopping to forage every now and then.

Luckily, this wasn’t the only family captured by our camera traps. The cameras had recorded plenty of other wildlife too, most of them with their young. Wild boar mother with piglets can be seen hurrying past the camera, as well as a Gaur family and Fea’s Muntjac with a calf. As always, we are extremely happy to see the wildlife thriving in Khao Sok, one of the world’s oldest rainforests. We truly hope that you will enjoy watching the best parts we have selected for you!

Elephant Hills Wildlife Monitoring Project Khao Sok

Initial check of the footage in the jungle

Learn more about our Wildlife Monitoring Project here. By gathering information on the flora and fauna in Khao Sok, we believe we can help the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries with their continuous efforts on preserving this unique area. We are currently looking for partners to co-operate with our Wildlife Monitoring Project. If you or your company would be interested, please contact us at [email protected].


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