Our most exceptional wild elephant footage yet!


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Our most exceptional wild elephant footage yet!

Our most exceptional wild elephant footage yet! 1

While our previous trek deep into the jungles of Khao Sok brought us great footage of the amazing wild cats, this time the elephants were back! As always, we started our trek by taking a boat from our unique Rainforest Camp, heading further into one of the channels of the beautiful Cheow Larn Lake. The ranger accompanying us told us that he was in the area last week on a routine patrol trek and saw wild elephants in four occasions!

Our most exceptional wild elephant footage yet! 2

Arriving to the starting point of our trek

At the time of our trek the water level at the lake was quite low, and we needed to leave our boat and start the trek around 100 meters further away than in normal circumstances. Due to the rangers’ recent wild elephant sightings we knew that we must stay alert and pay attention to every sound. On most of our camera trap treks we have been miraculously fortunate with the weather, and this was the case on this day too, so we were off to a great start.

Our most exceptional wild elephant footage yet! 3

The water level at Cheow Larn lake was very low and we needed leave our boat far away from the tree line

In the beginning of the trek we didn’t see any elephant foot prints, instead, it seemed that there had been a lot of gaur roaming in the area. We kept walking and changing the SD cards and batteries of our motion triggered cameras, and around half way through, we spotted something interesting. Looking down a hill we saw a mud pit with some obvious signs of wild elephants having been playing in the mud. It looked very fresh too which made us be on guard and notice every sound of a twig snapping around us.

Despite the clear indications of the presence of wild elephants, we managed to complete the long trek without bumping into any. Unfortunately we lost two camera traps on this round, one of which was completely destroyed! Having a camera trap smashed into pieces like this is of course disappointing, but often means that we are going to have some excellent elephant footage from other cameras in the area.

Our camera trap footage on the other hand has plenty of elephants and some very rare shots! We are proud to present an elephant family peacefully lying down, sleeping on the forest floor, until being woken up by some sudden noise.

In addition, we were able to capture footage of wild elephants mating! These outstanding clips help us to rest assured that the wild elephant population in Khao Sok is indeed flourishing 😊

By gathering information on the flora and fauna in Khao Sok, we believe we can help the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries with their continuous efforts on preserving this unique area. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss how you can participate!

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