School shoes and socks for rural children


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School shoes and socks for rural children

School shoes and socks for rural children 1

Baan Pa Mor Lor School is one of the smallest schools close to Mae Sariang town in Mae Hong Son province. This school, with only 30 students, has a special, warm atmosphere with its one-story building and wooden classrooms. As we arrived on our third donation visit, the children and teachers came to greet us with big smiles.

School shoes and socks for rural children 2

We had visited the school a couple of days earlier to talk with the teachers regarding the current situation of the school. Along with the usual stationery items and clothes, many students were in need of new shoes and socks.

School shoes and socks for rural children 3

New school shoes and socks

In Thailand, school shoes are an important part of the school uniform. However, some of the poorest families struggle affording to replace the shoes regularly when they break or a child outgrows them. The wear and tear appear rather quickly, as in some less privileged families the school shoes are the child’s only pair of shoes. Hence, they are in constant use.

School shoes and socks for rural children 4

With a list of sizes, we headed to Mae Sariang town. Luckily, we managed to find nearly all the sizes, and the couple of remaining pairs will be delivered to the school later. The kids and teachers were happily surprised when finding out that we were able to fulfill their request. It was amazing to see the children’s proud and joyful faces when putting on their brand-new socks and shoes.

School shoes and socks for rural children 13

Our guests’ donations received with great joy

Majority of the students in this primary school are still very young, and they greatly enjoyed a little play time with our Children’s Project team. We were trying out the exciting games and toys donated by our guests visiting us at Elephant Hills. The situation started to get out of hands (in a positive way) when we the balloons and soap bubbles came in. We had a blast!

School shoes and socks for rural children 20

Would you or your company like to join hands with Elephant Hills Children’s Project? We are currently looking for partners to brighten the days of some of the less fortunate Thai children through corporate sponsorship. Please contact us for more information at [email protected].

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