Trampolines aid special needs children’s physical therapy


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Trampolines aid special needs children’s physical therapy

Trampolines aid special needs children's physical therapy 1

OT Freeland, the only private school and clinic dedicated to education and therapy of children with special needs in Chiang Mai province, was founded in Mae Rim district in 2012. We at Elephant Hills, inspired by the amazing efforts of the founder, Mr. Ped and his team of occupational therapists, were one of the first companies to support the institution. With our donations, we helped to cover some of the costs of construction work, teaching equipment and first training courses.

Trampolines aid special needs children's physical therapy 2

Ever since, we have been visiting Mr. Ped in Mae Rim every now and then, helping him with his efforts improving the school. Today the institution provides exercises, classes and therapy through various kinds of methods including neurofeedback, musical therapy, art therapy and horse therapy. They also maintain a teacher-student ratio suitable for children with developmental disorders such as autism, individualized curriculum, as well as flexibility and patience.

Trampolines aid special needs children's physical therapy 3

Plenty of equipment and teaching material are naturally needed when working with children with special needs. Physical activity helps the kids to acquire new motor skills, improve coordination, develop muscle strength and promote stable posture and balance. However, sometimes group sports can be overwhelming to children with social and cognitive delays, so trampoline therapy is a very good alternative.

During our latest visit at OT Freeland, Elephant Hills Children’s Project donated new trampolines, basketballs, footballs and volleyballs to the school. Mr. Ped and other teachers were thrilled of the new equipment and emphasized the benefits of physical activity to their students.

Trampolines aid special needs children's physical therapy 8

Our company objective at Elephant Hills has always been to work closely with the local community, and over the years we have done our best to focus our help towards improving children’s education in Khao Sok and Northern Thailand. We are actively looking for individuals, travel agencies and other companies to co-operate with our Children’s Project through sponsorship. If you, or your company would like to get involved, please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the options.

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