Three Rural Schools in Khaosok Donation on Children’s Day (14th Jan 2017)

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Elephant Hills Corporate Responsibility Projects

To celebrate Children’s Day on Friday, 14th January 2017, the Elephant Hills team donated educational materials and scholarship to each of the school children from our three partner schools: Wat Tham Wararam School, Baan Yaa Phlong School, and Baan Bang Pru School. The materials included Books, pens, erasers, stationeries, sports equipment and more.

These three schools all are the rural schools in Khao Sok and part of The Elephant Hills Children’s Project. The children were very happy and enjoyed with their presents and school materials as well as all the games that the teachers from each school had set up for them.

Find more photos on our Facebook page or read more about Elephant Hills Children’s Project here.

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