Close shot of a flying great hornbill

Sensational Wildlife Spotting At Elephant Hills

Sensational Wildlife Spotting At Elephant Hills

Dear Elephant Hills’ friends and wildlife lovers,

Did you hear about our latest sensational wildlife spotting?

Right behind our Rainforest Camp we were able to film Great Hornbills (Buceros bicornis ) from very up close. Our in-house production team and Travel Guru, an Australian film crew, captured this sensational wildlife footage during Travel Guru’s second stay at Elephant Hills.

Watch the video here and get amazed what stunningly beautiful birds they are.


Hornbills are a family of birds found in tropical and subtropical Africa, Asia and Melanesia. They are characterized by a long, down-curved bill which is often brightly colored. Several species of hornbills are threatened with extinction.

It makes us very proud to see them live and breed right next to our floating Rainforest Camp, living in a natural habitat in the middle of untouched nature.  The evergreen rainforest which surrounds our camps is home to many endangered animal species. Its conservation is vital for the ecological balance of Southern Thailand.