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Our planting trees promotion is back!

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We love planting trees! Last year we launched our plant a tree promotion in which we promised to plant a tree for every booking made in April and May 2019 and in addition offset emissions of our 2018 marketing flights. Reinforcing our commitment toward the environment and sustainability there were around 3,500 trees being planted in the Kaeng Krung National Park.


Planting a tree at Elephant Hills Thailand

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Tropical evergreen forests and tropical rainforests

National parks such as Kaeng Krung and Khao Sok have a long history and are in fact quite unique. These national parks can not be classified into a distinct category as they boast features of both a tropical evergreen forest and tropical rainforest.

Tropical rainforest is a broad term which essentially classifies tropical areas that typically receive an annually average precipitation of at least 60cm of rainfall and are so dense that sunlight usually does not reach the ground.

Tropical evergreen forests contain a variety of tree species that shed their leaves at different times throughout the year, called evergreen trees making the rainforest appear green throughout the year. However, tropical evergreen forests can be found in dry regions as well which belong to a different category of vegetation such as the dry tropical forests.


Our plant a tree promotion is back!

Uniqueness of the National Park

In addition to the mixed forest vegetation of the national parks’ landscape is made up of 15% limestone crag vegetation. This creates the beautiful scenery that you can enjoy while staying at our camps and taking part in our nature exploration tours. Full of botanical richness and with an abundance of fresh water and protection offered by the rainforest the area has become a prime habitat for many different species of wildlife.

The area of the Kaeng Krung National park covers around 541 square kilometres, compared to the area of the Khao Sok National Park which covers an area of 739 square kilometres. These two areas overlap at the most northern part of Khao Sok, an area that frequently sees wildlife crossing from one national park to the other.


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Deforestation and agriculture efforts for palm oil production

In the period of four decades Thailand has lost more than half of its rainforests due to agriculture and logging. Large part of the logging and deforestation efforts are due to the production of palm oil. Thailand is the third largest producer of palm oil after Malaysia and Indonesia but only makes up for roughly 3 percent of the worlds palm oil production.

Palm oil is a vegetable oil that can be found in a wide variety of our daily used products, from ice cream to lipsticks and many other products. However, in order to obtain palm oil rainforests need to be cleared to make room for plantations which are expanding quicker than any other agricultural commodity on the planet.

These measures had dramatic implications to landscape, climate, weather, pollution and animal population. We see wildlife increasingly moving out of the rainforest to relocate and search for food. As an effect this causes human-wildlife conflict, involving local farmers that see their crops being eaten by wild animals.

In addition, palm oil production a significant amount of effluent which can cause pollution of freshwater creeks and lakes and in turn can affect the environmental biodiversity and people. All these are crucial factors that contribute to the decrease of rainforests, human-animal conflict and climate change in general.

This is why it is important to take action in order to counteract these issues. One of these we can take into our own hands by planting trees and ensure future growth of county extension.

Significance of trees

Trees play a vital role in our everyday lives. They provide us with oxygen, food, shelter and other necessities. But not only that, they also improve quality of life by enhancing aesthetics of the environment and provide habitat for wildlife. Producing oxygen is probably the most important aspect which is why destroying rainforest and logging has a huge impact on the planet and us humans.

Trees have the ability to absorb the carbon in our atmosphere and store and assimilate it. Therefore, planting trees is one of the most efficient ways to remove excess CO2 in our atmosphere. The process enabling trees to convert carbon into oxygen is called carbon sequestration. After being absorbed the carbon is stored in carbon-rich organic matter like cellulose and waxes found in secondary woody tissues within large roots and trunk flares. This absorption of carbon leaves our breathable air cleaner and is imperative to a continued survival of species.

Planting a tree

All the above-mentioned facts mention several factors about the impact trees have on our environment. As a sustainable company we know the importance of planting trees to combat agricultural effects such as climate change, decrease in habitat and human-animal conflict.

For us one of the most sustainable efforts is planting trees. However, planting trees is not as easy as you might think. There are several factors that need to be considered when planting a tree such as planting time, tree type, soil quality and much more.

It’s more complex than just tyring to dig the hole and planting the tree. Thankfully we have our experts from the projects team who have planted several trees in the past with the help of park rangers and the community. Help us planting trees!


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Take part in our Tree Planting Promotion

Elephant Hills is committed to support the local community and has launched the tree planting promotion for this year. With your help we can hopefully beat last years numbers and plant even more trees!

Our planting site will be located in the Kaeng Krung National Park where we planted several evergreen trees to grow among the native trees in last year’s growing season. The area provides enough soil moisture and nutrition to stimulate root growth to effectively plant trees for the future. We believe that this small act can help the area to regrow, minimise human-wildlife conflict and create future living space for animals find food and shelter.


Planting Trees

We will be planting 1 tree for every booking placed during the month of June and July for all our tours. You will get to enjoy an unforgettable experience at our camp, knowing that your booking has helped support the growth of the beautiful rainforest and wildlife in the area. This promo is combinable with our other promotions on our website and will automatically be applied to your booking.

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