New missions for our Camera Traps 2017


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New missions for our Camera Traps 2017

New missions for our Camera Traps 2017 1

Research Cat Families at Khlong Bang Chong, Khao Sok National Park

New missions for our Camera Traps 2017 2   New missions for our Camera Traps 2017 3   New missions for our Camera Traps 2017 4

Referring to our previous project, we captured lots of wildlife videos at Klong Bang Chong area in Khao Sok National Park. There are many species of wildlife and some of them are endangered species. One of the most interesting species is the cat family. They are very sensitive with disguised smells, but we still got videos of them- such as the Clouded Leopard, Asian Golden Cat and the Leopard Cat. When we searched for more information on the history of this area, we found out, that there are also Tigers, Fishing Cats, Panthers and Marbled Cats in this area but we have not seen them yet.

Fascinated by the Cat family, we started the new project at Khlong Bangchong area with questions of what kind of cats are still living in this area. We searched for more information on cat families, their diet and habitat and we are currently gathering all this information to determine, which corridors at Khlong Bang Chong area match with their diet and habitat.

We did not go to Khlong Bang Chong area for some months. The corridors had completely changed due to the trees had fallen from the windy storms and wild elephants had made new corridors. Paths were covered by dry leaves and branches of the trees. But we were quite lucky- just one day before we started the trip- it rained and that helped to make the soil softer, so we were able to see small wildlife footprints. We found many different kinds of wildlife droppings, for some of them we still can’t clarify to which animal they belong. Exciting times ahead!

We found a very interesting place deep in the jungle: salt licks and found marks of a male elephant tusk on the wall. It looked like he just left from there not that long ago and on the ground, we found lots of wildlife footprints. 10 Camera traps are hiding in the jungle this time and we hope to capture lots of cat family videos!


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