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Elephant Hills Corporate Responsibility Projects

We recently had a pleasure to welcome Mr. Niall F. McCarten, Ph.D from Institute for Ecohydrology Research, from Woodland, California to our camps in Khao Sok. Prior to his and his wife’s holiday to Thailand, Mr. McCarten had come across the work we do within our Wildlife Monitoring Project. After seeing some of the wonderful wildlife footage we have been gathering over the years, he wanted to support our efforts. We received a brand-new camera trap and a protective case, which is bear-proof and hopefully wild elephant-proof too!

Elephant Hills Wildlife Monitoring Project - recording

The new motion triggered camera trap is currently recording the wildlife roaming in the depths of Khao Sok National Park

At the Institute for Ecohydrology Research they also use camera traps when conducting scientific studies on wetlands and other aquatic ecosystems in California, USA. Hence, Mr. McCarten is familiar with the camera trapping methods and challenges. In the evergreen forests of Khao Sok National Park and Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary there is high potential for some spectacular wildlife footage, such one of our best wild elephant videos below.

However, we constantly face quite a few challenges in terms of humidity and our curious elephant friends. During the previous recording period for instance, we unfortunately lost most of our camera traps. Therefore, we are very grateful for this donation and it surely helps us to keep going and learning more about the fantastic fauna of Khao Sok.


Thank you, Mr. McCarten and Institute for Ecohydrology Research, for your support!


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