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Elephant Hills, Thailand’s First Luxury Tented Camps, is a National Geographic Traveler World Legacy Award Finalist!

In the category “Conserving the Natural World”, the judges honored the sustainability of Rainforest Camp, our Camera Trap as well as our Children’s Project, and of course our efforts of trying to conserve a highly endangered keystone species – the Asian Elephant (Elephas Maximus).

Elephant Hills is the only finalist in all of Asia in this category!

The award plaque reads: “Elephant Hills. Finalist [in] Conserving the Natural World. Inspiring people to care about the planet.”

We are absolutely thrilled to be honored with a National Geographic World Legacy Finalist plaque, and wholeheartedly congratulate the winners for their outstanding efforts. The beauty of this award is, as one of the proud winners put it, that “it is not really a competition, as we are all working towards the same goal.”

The Elephant Hills ITB delegation was excited getting to know all the other World Legacy Awards finalists in Berlin earlier this month, and we know that we can all learn a lot from each other. An African proverb, that was quoted during the award ceremony, puts it best:

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

Further details on the awards, all winners and finalists can be found here.

And for all those of you, who would like to get a good impression of Rainforest Camp and its stunning surroundings:

Check out this stunning new video we created for you. You’ll love it!

And of course we do have a video purely dedicated to our eponymous pachyderms as well.

Last but not least: For all of you, who would love to spend a night in an international award-winning luxury tented camp, and have a hands-on experience with our now world-famous elephants, take a look at our most popular tour – the 3-day Jungle Lake Safari.


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