It’s a jungle out there


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It’s a jungle out there

It’s a jungle out there 1

Reporting of one year’s exciting Camera trap footage to Klong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary headquarters!

One year of exciting Camera trap findings lies behind us and now we thank and report to the National park officers at Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary!


As many of you already know our Elephant Hills’ Camera Trap Project started in 2011 and we love to keep you updated for the newest developments and findings. Just as much do we enjoy working with the Wildlife officers at the National park headquarters, hence we put a lot of effort in our report, which we gave to them this month.

We collect our camera footage every other month, take notes on the treks and try to evaluate migration patterns, reproduction probability and overall gain a better insight into the diverse fauna Khao Sok has to offer.

One year of research. One year of teamwork. One year of helping to conserve our beautiful nature in Khao Sok!


The National park officers where really impressed with the outcome of our research and took a lot of time to talk in person to our team.


For those who don’t know that much about our project yet:

At Elephant Hills we are very enthusiastic about nature, always keen to find out more about what animals are living in our beloved Khao Sok National park. So we installed some motion-triggered cameras deep in the heart of the jungle, where all the animals are.



Research focused on the Bang Chong area, part of the Khlong Saeng Wildlife Sanctuary, adjacent to Khao Sok National Park and we are very lucky to have found a lot of threatened or endangered species like wild Asian Elephants, Malayan Sun Bears, Gaurs, Asiatic Black Bears, Clouded Leopards, Malayan Tapirs, Asian Golden Cats, Palm Civets, Mongooses, Porcupines, Great Argus, Barking deer, Monitor Lizards, Wild boar or Blue wing pittas – many more actually.


Our team is always keen to join efforts and make this project happen – so we can show you our footage and give you an insight to our precious jungle in Southern Thailand!


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