Fea’s Muntjac and plenty of other wildlife right in front of our camera traps


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Elephant Hills Corporate Responsibility Projects

As fascinated as we were of the exceptional male elephant herd video clips, other footage recently retrieved from Khao Sok rainforest didn’t fail to impress either! When trekking deep in the jungle collecting the footage, the presence of wild elephants in the area was obvious in so many ways. Therefore, we weren’t overly surprised to find plenty of amazing elephant footage!

By going through the clips over and over again, we were able to distinguish a herd of 12 wild elephants, consisting of females and two young males. In addition to elephants, plenty of other wildlife were spotted, including Gaur family, Malayan Tapir, Asian Golden Cat, Serow and Fea’s Muntjac, just to name a few!

We hope you enjoy the best clips we have brought to you from the depths of one of the world’s oldest rainforests. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

We are currently looking for partners to co-operate with our Wildlife Monitoring Project through corporate sponsorship. Would you like to donate a camera trap for recording the amazing wildlife in one of the world’s oldest rainforests? Our nature-loving followers would definitely be thrilled to see the footage!

By gathering information on the flora and fauna in Khao Sok, we believe we can help the National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries with their continuous efforts on preserving this unique area. Please contact us at [email protected] to discuss the partnership opportunities!

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