Camera Trapping in Khao Sok


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Camera Trapping in Khao Sok

Dear Elephant Lovers,

the tireless Elephant Hills crew has just returned from yet another highly exciting camera trap deep into the depths of Khao Sok National Park. After almost running into a wild elephant and witnessing a camera’s near death experience, we would like to share all those thrilling images and videos we have taken in places that are usually out of bounds for most human beings.

Come with us onto this white-knuckled adventure, silently exploring the habitat of wild elephants, untamed bears and jungle cats…



In the early morning we depart from Rainforest Camp, taking a little local long tail boat into one of the arms of Cheow Larn Lake.


Shortly after arrival, a first team meeting is held to evaluate the situation.


Then we spring into action: While scanning the footage taken over the past month, the camera trap is re-positioned to perfect the filming angle.


With most animals having amazing instincts and an incredible talent to perfectly avoid the camera’s filming angle by millimeters only, this tasks requires amazing accuracy.


Finally everything seems to be right.


Good luck, little camera trap. May you still be here sound and safe and full of everlasting memories upon our return next month…


Time for lunch. We earned this. And then a sweaty hike back…


And now … the highlight you have been waiting for: The full video on our project, how to set up camera traps, and how to react when you realize that elephant who has destroyed one of your cameras has passed by about a minute ago…

Please take a few minutes to watch it. Honestly, it is absolutely worth it!

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