Supporting rural children’s education and dental care


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Supporting rural children’s education and dental care

Supporting rural children’s education and dental care 1

We at Elephant Hills have been in close cooperation with Baan Yaplong School for around 20 years. Not only do the talented students participate in our evening program by performing traditional Thai dancing, but over the years we have supported the school in many ways. Some of the larger projects in the past include building a library in co-operation with Thomas Cook Airlines, supporting the school’s gardening project and donating a new playground.

Baan Yaplong School Report March 2023

This time we were back at the school to help to replenish their decreasing stock of stationery equipment and help the kids keep up with their dental care. Following the teachers’ request, we collected stationery, books, educational toys, toothbrushes, toothpastes, vegetable seeds and clothes donated by our amazing visitors, and headed to Baan Yaplong which is located just four kilometers from our tented camp.

Baan Yaplong

Baan Yaplong School has 167 students, taken care of by 13 teachers. Dental care in rural communities can often be insufficient, so we wanted to ensure that all the grades from one to six receive enough toothbrushes and paste. The teachers were very pleased and wanted to encourage everyone to continue the important habit of brushing their teeth, also during the school days after lunch.

Supporting rural children’s education and dental care 2

As important as one’s oral healthcare is, understandably there was something else that caught the students’ attention on the table filled with donations. You guessed it, the children wanted to try the various kinds of educational toys brought by our guests from all over the world.

Baan Yaplong School

It’s hard to explain the amount of joy the kids living in rural area experience when they get to see, try, and play with something they had no idea even existed. This time even the teachers got into a playful mood and joined the children making exciting formations with construction toys.

We would like to sincerely thank all our guests who bring donations and hence positively contribute to the education and wellbeing of Thai Children!

Baan Yaplong Childrens Project

If you or your company would like to co-operate with Elephant Hills Children’s Project, please contact us for more information at [email protected].

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