Elephant welfare has been a high priority for us from the start and whereas our elephants are well taken care of and happy, we want to do our part in helping other elephants in Thailand; both domestic and wild populations. This is the reason we founded Elephant Hills Elephant Conservation Project over ten years ago.

We spread awareness of the endangered Asian Elephants and support elephant conservation by contributing to help to keep the wild populations safe. Some of the recent donations include an electric fence in Kanchanaburi and several salt licks in Loei – both projects aim to help to prevent human-elephant conflicts at the Wildlife Sanctuaries. We also aid government run elephant hospitals by donating essential equipment as well as herbs, plants and trees to help to improve the welfare of the domestic elephants treated in the hospitals.

How can you help?

  • Don’t support poorly maintained elephant camps
  • Don’t support elephants that are used for begging purposes
  • Don’t buy ivory products
  • Donations of funds are accepted at our elephant camp and delivered to government run elephant hospitals and wild elephant conservation projects all over Thailand

We are currently looking for partners to co-operate with our Elephant Conservation Project through sponsorship. If you or your company would be interested, please contact us at projects@elephanthills.com.